“Has Medusa a terrible stare?”
Yes, her glare means farewell if you dare
try to risk a fair fight,
for you’ll freeze at first sight!
And the eyes! And the snakes in her hair!

“I just knew as I rode over water
that in combat I should give no quarter,
so I kept my eyes peeled
when I looked in the shield
and I cut off her head as I fought her!”

“But I never saw severed-head djinni,
whom I popped in a sack, what a meanie!
What to do with said hag
whose head’s now in a bag?
Why, I’ll gift it to Pallas Athene!”

Said the goddess, “Why give it to me?
I have powers enough, can’t you see?”
“Well, all girls have a thing
for jewellery and bling…”
“Woah, just stop there, you young MCP!”

To be continued


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