Tumour fame, Al!
Abe, Ian, shut a door.
Keller ate eel? Eel? Ace sank her.
Sand ferry Ann. Ah, Bea — and tow!


To be spoken phonetically, through the nose, as in the following dialogue: «Tu m’as fais mal! — Eh bien, je t’adore. Quelle heure est-il? — Il est cinq heures. — Ça ne fait rien, à bientôt!»

Ferry naff? Ferry nuff.


2 thoughts on “Shanty

    1. calmgrove Post author

      Isn’t that the one with Un petit d’un petit s’étonne aux halles? I haven’t read the book but have seen it frequently referenced. (Now just checked Wikipedia, and yes it is!) This was in fact my main inspiration, along with the title of a British film I’ve not seen either, San Ferry Ann (

      I’d heard the O See Billy rhyme, though I’ve never seen it written down before. The other well known one of course is
      Brutus ad sum iam forte, Caesar aderat, Brutus sic in omnibus, Caesar sic in at.

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