The hyena and the wolf

Image: WordPress Free Media Library

The hyena was showing the wolf around his Trophy Room.

“That’s the CEO of a global oil conglomerate,” he said, indicating the head of a startled human male displayed on the wall.

They moved on. “Careful as you step on that rug,” he said, as the wolf nearly tripped over the flayed skin of a former leader of the western world whose lips were twisted into a snarl, wispy ginger hair barely concealing a flakey scalp.

They passed an internet trillionaire in a display cabinet, his stuffed body posed in the act of taking off some virtual reality glasses, revealing an obsessive, glassy stare.

“And of course you ate them before they were displayed?” remarked the wolf conversationally.

“Good god, no,” replied the hyena, dismissing the thought with a wave of his paw, “I have herds of ordinary humans available for meat, and of course there’d be no fun in chasing them, like shooting fish in a barrel.

” No,” he declared with a burst of gleeful laughter, “I just hunt those at the top of the food chain.”


16 thoughts on “The hyena and the wolf

    1. Calmgrove Post author

      It’s awful, Laurie, it really feels that most of these people are untouchable, certainly by legimate means. At least by satire and caricature we can chop them down to size, and get some satisfaction from that, and we know most of them hate it.

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    1. Calmgrove Post author

      Thanks, Jane, though these days doesn’t it feel as though the time for caution has passed and that we are witnessing a social, environmental and political dystopia in the making right now!? Wish it wasn’t so…

      Liked by 1 person


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