Alpha waves

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A is for Archetypes,
they dwell in our thoughts,
B is for Brains
hosting memes of all sorts.
C is for Cats which
we watch on our screens,
D is for Dreams where
all’s not what it seems.

E is for Elephant,
it sits in the room;
F is Forgetting
womb leads on to tomb.
G is for Ghosts which
reside in your head,
H is for Head where ghosts lurk —
so it’s said.

I’s for Ideas which are bred
in the brain,
J is for Justice, often
poured down the drain.
K’s Kleptomanic:
no thoughts are our own.
L is for Logic which
strays far from home.

M is for Memories
not sharp as a knife.
N’s for Neuroses,
whence trouble and strife.
O’s for Osmosis, how we
learn about facts,
P’s for Psychology, knowing
what our brain lacks.

Q is for Question,
just missing an answer.
R is for Random,
the sign of a chancer.
S is for Synapse,
where neurons converse.
T is for Trauma,
when things just get worse.

U’s Understanding,
elusive it’s true.
V is for Values
shared by me and by you.
W? Wish fulfilment,
ladders minus their rungs.
X? Xenoglossy,
or speaking in tongues.

Y’s Yin and Yang
but in truth we’re diverse,
Z is for Zombie,
and what could be worse?
These alphabetical
stanzas you see,
are apologetical
to psychology.

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This year the UK’s National Poetry Day takes place on 1st October 2020, and the theme is Vision


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