Happy new cheer

It’s New Year’s Eve. So long, and thanks
for all the luscious puns and games,
for health reports, and news of pranks
you’ve played, and all the names
you’ve called your other half,
old whatsit… It’s been quite a laugh.
And so, as we see out this year,
it’s cheers to you! And mine’s a beer.


3 thoughts on “Happy new cheer

  1. JosieHolford

    It’s New Year’s Day. And thanks to you
    For all the smashing food and drinks.
    For covid news and oyster stew
    With crusty bread – homemade methinks.
    So here we are – let’s start afresh
    And give those older ways a rest
    Time flies by – it’s rather chronic
    Just hand me my gin and tonic.

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