Lockdown upturn

© C A Lovegrove

When lockdown feels like house arrest,
remember who’s the jailer.
When feeling an unwelcome guest,
you’re really not the failure.
While lockdown serves to keep you in,
remember what’s kept out:
a thief so small, and short and thin,
who’ll steal without a doubt.

Coronavirus does not care
if you are good or bad.
It catches us all umaware:
the mum, the child, the dad.
Just like the thief who seeks your wealth
this burglar is not kind:
with sneaky stealth it steals your health,
your body, or your mind.

When lockdown eases do not say,
Hey, now we can go mad!
You want to live another day?
Take care, stay safe, not sad!

This coronaverse brought to you by the letter L.


2 thoughts on “Lockdown upturn

    1. Calmgrove Post author

      Good news about being vaccinated, Stefy—when we had our first jab a month ago it felt like a positive step.

      Here in Wales there has been some lockdown easing as of this weekend but it’ll be months, maybe a year or two before we can think we’re back to ‘normal’—but nothing will ever be normal again, especially with our shambles of a crooked government in charge: Johnson is our very own Berlusconi. 🙄



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