Report on Einstein-Rosen bridge experiment #1, Ganymede, Jupiter


• I am Albert, a 31st-generation artificial intelligence robot built expressly to enter the Einstein-Rosen bridge constructed on the Jovian moon Ganymede.
• My mission is to be in position at the event horizon at point T (0.00 temporal units, recalibrated). This horizon will be artificially created to be optimally functional at point T to allow passage along the Einstein-Rosen bridge.
• This report will be transmitted at T direct to station Juno in Jovian orbit.
• For this experiment I shall also be internally transporting this report for the duration of the passage along the bridge. If delivered intact and uncorrupted it will demonstrate that the shielding design has been successful.


The Einstein-Rosen bridge was also referred to by 20th-century theoretical physicists as a one-dimensional tube or wormhole. They theorised that the wormhole is a structure linking two disparate points in the spacetime continuum, a tunnel with two ends existing in different locations and/or points in time.


There are principally three theoretical outcomes to this bridge or wormhole experiment.

1. Failure. The inbuilt shielding for the wormhole passage will prove inadequate and I would therefore cease to exist. Temporal and spatial ripples from my destruction however would be detectible, thus confirming this negative outcome.
2. Space. I will travel to a parallel / daughter / infinite universe, potentially confirming that a multiverse exists. However, I would not be able to communicate this back and so such proof would be unsubstantiated.
3. Time. I will travel back in time. However, as this bridge, acting as a so-called time machine, can only go as far back in time as the initial creation of the machine (the bridge), that moment (T) cannot be moved back in time. I would therefore reappear simultaneously at the very moment of my departure.


Outcome #1 would require the experiment to be repeated, after adequate adjustments had been made to the shielding, with a new AI robot.

Outcome #2 would require radical re-assessment of the theory and assumptions behind the experiment, principally regarding return communication.

Outcome #3 would provide both positive and negative results:

• This report, composed by me immediately prior to point T but the text not communicated to Juno until the precise point T, would be manifest immediately on my return to point T, proving that I had indeed travelled instantaneously back in time.
• Such a proof of the third outcome would fundamentally change humankind’s understanding of the spacetime continuum. However, the effect for the observer would be as if I had not travelled at all. Only I, Albert, would be able to confirm whether this had happened from personal experience. I, of course, have been built to be entirely reliable.


* * * * *

© C A Lovegrove

Homework exercise employing a sense of place for a creative writing class:

a. Choose a door, gateway, bridge or opening
b. Imagine yourself as someone standing on the threshold with something in your pocket
c. What is its significance?
d. Consider a different age or circumstance
e. Imagine the changes after passing through or over

First posted 22nd November, 2019


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