The Wolves are Running

A travelling Showman collects as he goesand lest you should be in any real doubtknow what he collects the travelling man shows. The Wolves are Running, as Someone well knows,but though it’s the snow that brings the Wolves out,the travelling man still collects as he goes. Someone, if seen, isn’t safe from his foes;when asked […]

Welcome spring’s on its way

From March through to May farewell hard frost, mists and storm; welcome spring’s on its way. Bye to sky’s steel grey! Now freezing rain becomes warm from March through to May. Hail, lengthening day, dark nights no longer the norm! Welcome spring’s on its way. Sun, slip in that ray through the shutters each morn […]

When winter’s snow at last

When winter’s snow at last begins to thaw and buds and blossoms start their sumptuous show we sense the seasons cease their senseless war. First snowdrops shyly peer out to explore the scene, then daffodils with golden glow when winter’s snow at last begins to thaw. Faint breezes fan our brows, no longer raw, and […]