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The Hole Truth

There’s a man on the roof.
He’s supposed to be there!
He is fixing two holes
Using skill and much flair.

But he’s put in a third hole
Which the light can come through.
He has put in a third hole
And he’s looking at YOU!

A Twitter challenge to complete a found poem: we were given just the first three lines and this was my offering.

Freelancing in a swimsuit

Newgale beach

Working as a contract paralegal
has components in its favour,
and factors that are
unfavourable to some people.

If a way-off journey
and pleasure in your work life
is what would swimsuit you the very best,
freelancing may very well be
an awesome option for you!

I don’t want to bemoan the quality of spam these days but I find that very few live up to the standards I look for in found poetry. This is a tolerable exception