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Tell me what

Sissinghurst Castle estate

Tell me what you think
I’ll tell you about your time in the future
Tell me what you mean
I’ll tell you what I have done for you
Tell me what you want
I’ll be doing the same thing again

Will there ever be
a meeting of minds
or will we forever be
passing strangers?

Lines partly generated using predictive text, followed by my response

Burnt scraps in the grate

Remains of scraps of pages found among the ashes in the fireplace of the holiday cottage.

First scrap:

They say cats are inscrutable but this one has a better chance of getting back to the rest. Let’s do the same again and get a few more of them together in the next few weeks. I will also be able to get the money back from the bank.

Second scrap:

The paper was rightly ridiculed for its anti-intellectual stance and apparent misunderstanding of the process.

They called forensics in.

Predictive Text Flash Fiction

One-sided phone call

Why do you want me to be a 24-hour flash in the pan?

If not then I can see you on the way back from the airport.

Let’s do the same on the weekend.

You could have been a bit of a great book without saying why.

I mentioned that I was going to stop reviewing enjoyable books…

Predictive Text Flash Fiction