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A curse for Halloween

© C A Lovegrove

People who park on pavements,
leave cars on corners,
park where it says No Parking,
gaze haughtily from their gas-guzzlers,
tailgate you when traffic is heavy,
and make your road a rat-run:
may their pumps always run dry.

Pooch owners who don’t clear up poo,
or leave doggie bags on branches
(like votive offerings to Almighty Dog),
or rip up signs saying Keep Dogs on Leads
on grass where livestock grazes,
or irresponsibly let them roam:
may they forever gag at canine waste.

Bodies who deny you personal space,
who treat you to their taste in loud music,
liberally scatter cans and cast-off plastic,
jettison food wrappers or household junk,
and trash the world on which we all live:
may ghouls invade their dreams each and every night.

A nightmare is not just for Halloween:
please pray there’s no peace for the wicked.