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Washing hands

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Wash your hands for twenty seconds,
After touching outside things.
Sluice your mitts with sanitiser,
Healthy lives such cleansing brings!

You all know what’s needing doing,
Otherwise we spread disease.
Utter disregard spells danger,
Reproduction rates won’t ease.

Have yourself a merry soaping!
Add clean water — don’t be tense!
Need we ask?
Don the mask!
Social distancing makes sense!

Acrostic coronaverse, brought to you by the letter W.


Mask refusal

Mask refusal
aids infection,
surges inevitable,

ignorant comments,
malicious memes,
manipulated statistics,
uninformed speculation,
neoliberal nonsense,
irresponsible actions,
stubborn opinions,
abhorrent views,
taunting remarks,
isolation avoidance,
overt disobedience:
nothing good.

An acrostic coronaverse brought to you by the letter M.