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Last week

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Sunshine wall to wall day
Mind you stay in the shade day
Choose sun protection factor 30 day
When’s it going to stop day
Thirsty day
Frying under the sun day
Sweaty day
Sunburnt day


Week upon week

Careful what you wish for.
A proper summer? Hot days
with wall-to-wall sunshine?

False memories of winter:
cloudy skies, gun-metal grey,
lashings of rain curtaining down.

Was it always like that?
Or were there blue skies in between?
And now we have week upon week

of parched lawns, diminished rivers, moorland fires and painful sunburn, sleepless nights and short tempers.

Bring back a touch of winter:
promise-crammed clouds of black and grey,
replenishing streams, greening grass,

dampening moorland, cooling skin
and brows. Blessed, blissful rain.

But careful what you wish for.