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Doggerel days

So autumn comes to southern climes:
bid farewell now to summer,
the best of times. The worst of times?
When fingers get much number.

Dog days are the really hot days of summer when Sirius the ‘dog star’ briefly appears before the sun dawns in the northern hemisphere. Doggerel days can be at any other time

This piece of doggerel was inspired by a post on the blog Gert Loveday’s Fun with Books.




Summer memories
of simmering heat and sea?
Winter disbelief

Nine word story and senryu rolled into one (image: Broad Haven South, Pembrokeshire)

on the wing

Fledgling swallows in the barn ready to fly the nest

fighter planes saving
our world from midges: not so
deafening, swallows

housemartins mowing
through air, hoovering insects,
tweeting on the wing

zapping up to nests
mud and spittle under eaves
crap on window sills

JUne 16 post re-posted


Ducks at rest, fountain, Rhosygilwen, Pembrokeshire

Two months, sixty posts
Miles of micropoetry
Time now for a break

Zenrinji is taking a summer break, back in September
But don’t go away! Explore posts you may have missed
Enjoy the (mostly) original accompanying photographs
Before you know it there’ll be new ones on the list!