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The Hole Truth

There’s a man on the roof.
He’s supposed to be there!
He is fixing two holes
Using skill and much flair.

But he’s put in a third hole
Which the light can come through.
He has put in a third hole
And he’s looking at YOU!

A Twitter challenge to complete a found poem: we were given just the first three lines and this was my offering.


Freelancing in a swimsuit

Newgale beach

Working as a contract paralegal
has components in its favour,
and factors that are
unfavourable to some people.

If a way-off journey
and pleasure in your work life
is what would swimsuit you the very best,
freelancing may very well be
an awesome option for you!

I don’t want to bemoan the quality of spam these days but I find that very few live up to the standards I look for in found poetry. This is a tolerable exception

very clear


One has to have
a very clear idea of them
to stay clear of any surprises
later on

Ensure the organization
you have selected prints out
and about an expert backup
(also known as “proof”)
that will help you

look into the shades, fonts,
just about any spelling flaws
and also the total design!

Besides this, a person
don’t need to
sort of collateral
in lieu of the actual
availed amount of the loan

and so, you like money
with reduce

Thanks to the spammer who unwittingly provided this nonsense poem, an example of found poetry (aka spam poetry or spoetry);
I’ve merely formatted it



« : 0 ♦ o : »

“And very long …”

“… could it be previous to …”

can make use of several elements
and therefore are of satisfactory power
to permit users …”

“… for you to make their particular hand gun…??”

“… it might probably be performed …”

“… currently company desires to place the areas together …”

“… I’m afraid the actual irony
needs to be planned along with …”

“… the tree-hugging, good-for-the-earth features…”

Found poetry from a Nike Max spam (we’re told “pas cher” but, frankly, do I care?) which seems to resemble scraps of overheard conversation — rather in the way these spams are put together to try to get past filters, unsuccessfully in this case




What a stuff of un-ambiguity
and preserveness of precious familiarity
on the topic of unpredicted emotions

First of an occasional series of found / spam poetry or spoetry — thanks and apologies to an anonymous but entirely involuntary wordsmith for the word sequence — layout mine