Coronaverse alphabet

Less shit. Image credit: unknown.

March has seen a series of alphabetical posts on Zenrinji on a coronaverse theme, many focused on inadequate responses from government and certain members of the populace to the pandemic.

Forms including acrostic, limerick, nonet, senryu, sestain, sonnet, tanka and triolet have featured alliteration, rhyming couplets, doggerel, humour, parody, and satire.

You may recognise some of the moods — anger, anxiety, bemusement, despair, disdain, disbelief, sadness — these verses are intended to convey.

This is the full list, which you can access from A to Z using this #coronaverse tag.

Antivax anxiety
Boredom solutions
Contagion rules
Exercise regime
Global warning
Hoax scare
Immunity free
Key workers
Lockdown upturn
Mask refusal
Nauseous trio
Outbreak control / Online living
Panacea wanted
Quarantine times
Reproduction numbers
Super spreader
Track and trace
Update daily
Vaccines work
Washing hands
X placeholder
Year clear
Zoom call


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