saved from the scrap heap
Art Deco brick cathedral
historic landmark

The former Battersea Power Station, London from Chelsea embankment: my first memory of this is from the 1953 Battersea Pleasure Gardens funfair in Coronation year


2 thoughts on “landmark

  1. Mike

    Aw Zenrinji it’s a eyesore – a shocking exemplar of its own ilk! I used to drive past many years ago and it’s soooooo UGLY. Maybe the entrance is worth preserving but the rest….


  2. calmgrove Post author

    So for you not a case of so-bad-it’s-good then, Mike? I used to dislike it because my parents smoked like chimneys, and these chimneys reminded me of giant cigarettes. But industrial sites, and especially abandoned industrial sites, are seldom things of beauty; I hope that whatever development completes the building and its environs (I gather some residential use is already in place) it complements and respects the Art Deco elements and especially the materials (the structure is apparently the largest in brick in Europe).



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