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Antivax anxiety

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That group who are stridently antivax?
Their hatred of jabs mounts up to the max.
They say “No-one knows just what naughtiness goes
into vaccines;” but note, they are somewhat lax
when it comes to what food in their belly
they have put; one I asked if he’d tell, he
said “Real finger-lickin’, that chlorine-filled chicken,”
and believed all they said, on the telly,
and online: “See, you can’t explain away,”
he said, “vaccine harm to our DNA;
we must all get to grips with effects microchips…”
Urgh — why can’t anyone take all this pain away?

Coronaverse: an alphabet of terms related to Covid-19. Tomorrow brings us the letter B.


The Real McCoy

How should I describe thee?

Let me list the ways:

arrogant, bullying, cheating demagogue,
egotistical, fascistic, groping hypocrite,
ignorant, jeering, kleptomaniac liar,
misogynistic, narcissistic, obscene pussygrabber,
queer bashing, racist, self-serving totalitarian,
unqualified, vulgar womaniser,
xenophobic, yahoo Zionazi

and that’s just for starters

The Real Donald J Trump: image generated by text to image app t2i.cvalenzuelab.com